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The initial trial of the program has been a great success, popular with both kids and parents. Therefore, we are starting a second series of six classes, beginning Saturday, Nov. 14 (a change from the earlier Sunday schedule). If you’re interested, send an e-mail to hong@thesmartwriter.com right away!

First Step Reading

At last! A Smart Writer program comes to your younger kids. In response to frequent requests, we're creating First Step Reading, a class targeted at children in the third, fourth and fifth grades. The class will start on a trial basis in the 2009 Fall term to meet the initial requests.

We applaud parents who are eager to start their children on becoming good readers at an early age. After all, reading is one of the most important aspecraise handts of a person's intellectual life. It's the only way to learn -- really learn -- a broad, useful and effective vocabulary. It's also the best preparation for becoming a good writer; a person who isn't a good and frequent reader will not know what good writing looks like, and thus can't begin to write his or her own papers well.

In First Step Reading Program, elementary-age children will learn essential skills that make reading a pleasure instead of a chore: how to get the main idea, how to understand sequence, how to look for context clues, how to understand analogies, how to draw inferences, how to draw conclusions.

They'll also gain a better understanding of the mechanics of word-building: what roots are, what prefixes and suffixes do, how synonyms and antonyms work, how to recognize the hidden meanings of words behind their dictionary definitions.

The class will run for six sessions over seven weeks (with one break) on Sunday afternoon; we'll schedule it based on what works for the families who sign up. The introductory fee for this first time class is $60 total.

Hong portrait 1The kids in First Step Reading Program will have a very special tutor. Mrs. Hong Ke earned a B.A. degree in English Literature from the prestigious Shanghai Foreign Languages University, and an MBA from Nyenrode University in The Netherlands. She worked for many years in Beijing for the European Union delegation and the Dutch Embassy, facilitating communication and negotiations between English-speaking diplomats and Chinese government and business officials. She enjoys young kids and has a passion for working with them. E-mail Hong at hong@thesmartwriter.com.


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