The Smart Writer no longer has group classes.
 We will be focusing on private and
 semi-private tutoring.

The Smart Writer

Private tutoring at
340 Brook Ford Point
Johns Creek, GA 30022
(770) 772-6563

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Learn to write with clarity and power to help
you excel in school and throughout life

1. What age students are accepted in the programs?
Students who are in fifth grade and above are accepted for private tutoring.

2. How many tutoring sessions are needed?
 Every student's learning curve is different. Writing, in general, is a gradual process rather than something that suddenly “clicks.” Parents are encouraged to send students to sessions for several months, but they can stop at any time.!

3. Is there tutoring for more than one student?
We can do tutoring for one, two or three students at a time. We do not organize these groupings, however; parents can coordinate and arrange for their kids to attend sessions together.

4. Is private tutoring available?
Yes. One-on-one tutoring is available and preferred by some parents, with sessions tailored to fit the specific needs of the student. Small-class tutoring for two or three students with similar ability levels can also be arranged, if parents organize the grouping and ensure that all students attend.

5. What are the fees for the program?
Here are the fees for students in the United States. One-on-one private tutoring is $70 per hour; for two students, $55 per hour for each student. Fees can be paid at each class, or for two or more classes at a time. All fees are payable in advance of the classes. (For tuition information for students in other countries, please contact us.)

7. Do the students have homework assignments?
 Yes. Each week writing students are assigned a topic and required to write a paper. This is a key element of the teaching process, because each paper is given a detailed editing to identify errors and weak points in the individual student's work.

8. Is this program good for ESL or ESOL students?
 No. Teaching English to students who speak another language is a highly specialized activity requiring teachers with specialized training, and thus is not offered here. The Smart Writer courses are designed for students who have an adequate ability in writing English, but want to improve their skills and work toward excellence.

9. How do I register my child for one of the programs?
 It's quite simple. First, check with us by e-mail or phone to find out if there are any times available. If there are, just fill out the form on the Register page and your child is registered. 

10. How much can these classes help my child's writing?
The tutoring focus on steps toward improving typical school-required and SAT writing, especially persuasive essays. If students pay attention in class and put good effort into assignments, they should make steady improvements. Extensive reading is strongly encouraged and will greatly increase a child's vocabulary, knowledge and thinking process and the richness of his or her writing.


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