The Smart Writer no longer has group classes.
 We will be focusing on private and
 semi-private tutoring.

The Smart Writer

Private tutoring at
340 Brook Ford Point
Johns Creek, GA 30022
(770) 772-6563

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Learn to write with clarity and power to help
you excel in school and throughout life

Tutoring is designed for students in fifth grade and above. Classes are conducted in a workshop format, with strong emphasis on analysis of each student’s work.instruction

Students are given a home writing assignment at each class, which they submit by e-mail before the next session. The tutor edits their work, identifying strong and weak points, and sends back a custom-tailored critique. At the next class, the tutor presents good and bad examples from the week’s work, and offers hands-on instruction on how to avoid mistakes, correct bad habits and go beyond the ordinary in producing good papers.

Classes cover several kinds of writing, including creative, but the heaviest focus is on persuasive writing, the type that was formerly used for the SAT writing examination, for advanced high school language arts classes, and for college classes. Students need to know how to brainstorm, develop, structure and complete this kind of paper.

Please note: This is not a class in fundamental grammar and spelling, or a basic ESL course. Students who enroll should be able to write at an ordinary level for their age; this class will teach them to reach new heights.


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