The Smart Writer no longer has group classes.
 We will be focusing on private and
 semi-private tutoring.

The Smart Writer

Private tutoring at
340 Brook Ford Point
Johns Creek, GA 30022
(770) 772-6563

PLEASE Send all inquiries by email to


Learn to write with clarity and power to help
you excel in school and throughout life

Tutoring instruction will be tailored to the ability and the goals of each student. Those who need help with the basics of good writing will focus on grammar, sentence structure and usage. Those who are planning to take the SAT can work toward improving scores on the writing test and other parts of the verbal sections of the exam. Students who want to raise their writing to the college level can learn and practice advanced techniques for making papers more readable, more persuasive and more substantive.

In addition to the in-class work, the tutor will do a detailed, professional-level editing of all homework assignments, then send the papers back with analysis and comment on both the writing and the thinking that went into them. Students are expected to study the editing and learn from it. This work outside the class is an integral part of the tutoring.

The fee for private tutoring is $70 per hour for one student. Two students can have sessions together for $55 per hour each. Times can be arranged to suit most families’ schedules. If you are interested, send an e-mail with your information and any questions you may have, or simply call.


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