The Smart Writer no longer has group classes.
 We will be focusing on private and
 semi-private tutoring.

The Smart Writer

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Learn to write with clarity and power to help
you excel in school and throughout life

The main purpose of the Smart Writer program is to help students improve their writing and reading in all aspects of their lives -- in Language Arts class, in other subjects such as Social Studies and History, in college and throughout their later careers. We don’t normally aim for short-term goals. In response to many requests, however, we have created a program to help students prepare for the SAT and PSAT, because those tests are extremely important for kids at various ages.

Our SAT/PSAT prep program focuses heavily on the writing section of the exams -- the multiple-choice sections that test reading comprehension, knowledge of grammar and sentence structure, plus the student essay required in the SAT.  (We do not address the math sections.)

In our work on the writing sections, we examine the most common types of errors found in the multiple-choice questions and learn methods of recognizing them and knowing how to fix them. Where necessary, we do refresher work on grammatical issues that students have forgotten or did not fully grasp in school.

The SAT prep for the written essay focuses on helping students recognize techniques that writers use to make their work effective and to describe the techniques they find in the articles used in the essay section..

 If you are interested in SAT tutoring, or for further information, please send an e-mail inquiry to


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